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Unlock your dreams and start living them. Too many people spend their lives doing what they think they’re supposed to do. They push back their dreams so they don’t disappoint their peers or their families. They allow other people’s expectations to determine their destiny.

Start living the life of your dreams. Follow your own path and listen to your own soul voice.

You only have this life. This moment. Don’t waste another second.

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It’s all about #RavenclawPride!

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Happy #RavenclawPride day!
#amwriting the #ravenclaw way lol

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#WIAW Taco Night!

Hey Everyone!

It was hard getting out of bed yesterday. It was barely 50 degrees INSIDE the house when I woke up, so I stayed in bed longer than I should have daydreaming, checking twitter, and reading articles on MindBodyGreen.

I posted this on Monday, but I thought I’d share it again in case I wasn’t the only one who needs a bit of motivation as they start their day:


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It’s officially fall at my house lol

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I had an audience this morning #morningmeditation

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How do you unwind? #knitting

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Yoga for Motivation

Happy Monday, My Lovelies!

I hope you had a restful weekend! Mine was full of manual labor…trying to clear out the physical clutter that is around my house. You wouldn’t believe what we found in the basement. 3 mattress sets! 3 mattresses AND 3 box springs. Well, actually 3.5. There was a really thin box spring that had belonged to my childhood bed…the frame I’m pretty sure we don’t even have…

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I bow to the Divine creator within. I bow to the teachers, lightworkers, healers. May you feel my love, my gratitude. May you stand tall, speak up, and shine on. #morningmeditation

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It’s impossible for me to get rid of a stuffed animal, especially when I have had it since I was a baby #love #childatheart #memorylane